Welp, here it is, mah first giveaway! I had been wanting to do one for quite some time but I wasn’t sure what I had to give until I made this little guy (I didn’t create him mind you, I just made him out if wool…) So! I’ve decided to give three of them away!

  1. First place winner will get the choice of a 2in sup guy (either keychain, phone charm*, or necklace) orrrrr (drum roll por favor!) a slighty larger, 5 inch sup guy to display! I plan on making him able to sit on your monitor! (or on the edge of a table, idunno)
  2. second and third place will get the choice of a 2in sup guy (either keychain, phone charm*, or necklace)
  3. Both second and third place winners will also have the option of the larger sup guy.

*I can make him smaller for the phone charm if you’d like, just add it when you send me your info~

ALSO! I will give the sup guys additional little accessories, like doctor who? BOOM! FEZ AND A BOWTIE! Like Homestuck, BOOM! HORNS? (I don’t know anything about that fandom, all I know is some of em have friggen horns okay? DX ) The additional accessory is optional and of course doesn’t have to be from a fandom or whatever, just add it to the info message with what you’d like and I’ll do my best to make it happen.

You will also receive a little hand written letter and perhaps a doodle? O:

Okay, time fer them rulessss!

  1. You don’t have to follow me, but it’d be nice to get to know you :D
  2. Likes do count as an entry, you may reblog up to 5 times~
  3. I will ship anywhereeeeee!
  4. You should be ok to give me yer information (address~)
  5. If you win, I’d like for you to post a pic of him with maybe something iconic from your state, country, province, etc. I think it’d be a cute little project, ya know?
  6. Please no side blogs for giveaways~
  7. I will choose the winner using a random number generator.
  8. Giveaway will end next month on the tenth at 1pm CST

I think that about sums it up, have fun you guys and good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to message me here or on youtube (I have the same username)